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[–]Raptorsdutchfromsubway 244 points 10 hours ago

I always liked batum but he was in a similar position as Westbrook. No one wants batum at 24m but batum at 10m is a steal. Westbrook at fucking 40m+ is fucking atrocious but Westbrook at 6-8m is a serviceable contract


[–]NBAMintastic 2 points 4 hours ago

Forget serviceable, 6-8mil for current Westbrook is a steal.


[–]Lakersso-cal_kid 219 points 10 hours ago

Batum also quit on Charlotte. Dude barely cared and gave minimal effort. Westbrook for all his flaws still plays his ass off.


[–]MavericksBigFatModeraterFupa 2 points 2 hours ago

nah, westbrook goes hard when he wants to, but when he’s not engaged he literally does nothing but watch the ball.

Seriously next time you watch a game with westbrook, watch him closely. He’s a liability on both ends of the court



[–][POR] Rudy Fernandezspittafan -2 points 4 hours ago

What? Westbrook doesn’t play help defense at all, and half the time is just jacking up shots. That does not count as “playing your ass off”


[–]Lakersragelark -4 points 2 hours ago

6-8 mil for a turnover machine who is the worst 3 point shooter in the league? Sign me up!


[–]Cavaliersdokocha0216 5 points 5 hours ago

Lakers fans are so corny, this man is not on your team anymore, it is beyond me why yall continue this crusade of dragging him.


[–]KingsObi_Wan_KeBogi 197 points 11 hours ago

We goin wild if we’re comparing Russ to worst player in the NBA now.

Sure if you’re paying him 47 mil his value is horrible. But at whatever his next contract is he still can bring a ton of value.


[–]ColdPressedSteak 80 points 10 hours ago

His playmaking is still generally good and even in his declined stage, besides LeBron, he was basically the only Laker putting drive/rim pressure on the opponents D

22-25 min role on like an $6-$8 mil contract would be ideal


[–]:sp8-1: Super 8yusbishyus 49 points 10 hours ago

he should get more than that. if d rose can get 14m, he should be in that range.


[–]WarriorsRedHotDumpsterFire 2 points 4 hours ago

Nah. Rose has adapted his game and knows his role and stays within it. Westbrook plays the same way he always has.


[–]San Francisco WarriorsElectricalKeyboard 1 point 2 hours ago

He drove a lot more than LeBron statistically too and was the best at drawing free throws per 36.

勇士球迷:数据上看, 在湖人队威少比詹姆斯突破更多,每36分钟造犯规次数也是最多的。

[–]TheOnionWatch 7 points 7 hours ago

Russ at a minimum is ridiculously cheap. He’s still a plus.


[–]BullsWrightwoodHiker -5 points 7 hours ago

He’s played likes he’s worth about $40 million less than the minimum in the playoffs, though. Plus, he’s been really bad in the regular season.


[–]yoppee 0 points 5 hours ago

If Russell Westbrook could or can provide a ton of value a team sitting in tenth place wouldn’t have shipped his ass out the door.


[–]NBAjankkore 0 points 9 hours ago

I agree with you. He’s like poison to a team’s flow and chemistry and it’s like he literally cannot learn or control himself. I wouldn’t want him on the roster for free if I was coaching.


[–][BOS] Marcus SmartSnuggleMuffin42 1 point 6 hours ago



[–]Ben_Simmons_ 254 points 11 hours ago*

Worst contract and worst player are two very different things


[–]BucksI_am_TimsGood 33 points 9 hours ago

“Really look at him. He’s a really good player. If you work really hard, you might be able to be a Nic Batum type of player.”

Josh’s comment stunned Giannis into silence. After a brief pause, he basically told Josh to not even think about it. He claimed that if he ever became Nic Batum, he’d quit NBA and go back to Greece.

Giannis: “If I become Nic Batum, I’m going back to Greece.”

Excerpt from the Giannis book




[–]ClippersNomadicSifu 0 points 7 hours ago

Damn what a dick by Giannis


[–]JazzBarbell_Flyes 43 points 11 hours ago

how funny would it be for Russ to join the Clippers and knock off the Lakers in the play-ins/offs


[–]Lakerscaptain_ahabb 7 points 10 hours ago

Lakers probably still have pretty good odds of making it to 10th but I’m already mostly thinking about next season.


[–]LakersCaptainKurls 5 points 8 hours ago

WB will thrive if he goes to the clips I’m calling it. Dude is still an elite passer and with the level of shooting they have he’ll average 8-9 assists easy


[–]Payutenyodagimas 3 points 11 hours ago

Problem with Russ is he still thinks he is the alpha

Aside from the fact that he cant shoot


[–]Wizardsi_will_mull_it_over 3 points 10 hours ago

I’m sure alphas have trouble coming to that realization


[–]ThunderLeavingtheecstasy 1 point 5 hours ago

This absolutely

Stars who grew up idolizing Westbrook will remember how Lakers did him


[–]LakersbryanBFLYin 0 points 9 hours ago

Westbrook gives 110% every single game and was probably the most consistent player on the team that was not named Lebron. We will miss him when he’s gone and retired. All this slander and bullshit is so ridiculous and honestly has been making me hate nba and basketball fans. Yall foul for treating Brody and his family this way..




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